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Analog and Digital Integrated Circuits (CIAN)


 Habib Mehrez - Building 25, 3rd floor, Corridor 24-25, room 310.

Short Description

The team has multidisciplinary expertise on topics spanning wide areas of electrical engineering and computer science. It targets challenges resulting from the miniaturization, complexity, and heterogeneity (i.e. multi-domain, multi-physical) of modern integrated circuit technologies and the demand for achieving high dependability (i.e. maintainability, availability, reliability, durability, safety) and security. To meet these challenges, the team focuses on the development of new architectures as well as on methods and tools for modeling, design, test, and verification. 

The research interests can be grouped into three different axes:

Security and Dependability: failure analysis and diagnosis, aging, electromigration, smart power ICs, distribution of power and clocks, found a novel algorithm to solve the problem of fully synchronizing a distributed generation of clocks into very large SOC, built-in self-test, architectures dedicated to cryptography, verification solutions and countermeasures against side channel attacks (DPA-type attacks), spectrum sensing RF circuits to detect malicious RF attacks, self-adapting and self-healing ICs.

Internet of Thing: modeling of heterogeneous systems (SoCs and SiPs including digital, analog, mixed-signal, RF, and MEMS components) using hardware description SystemC-AMS language,  techniques,  methods, and tools for the automatic synthesis of analog ICs from RTL description to layout, design and implementation of low-power RF ICs for sensor networks, design and implementation of low-power techniques for autonomous systems by recovering the vibrational energy, design of automated low-cost test and fault diagnosis methods.

Reconfigurable Architectures: tree-like interconnection networks in FPGAs, high-performance architectures for embedded FPGA in a SoC (eFPGA), application-specific architectures, 3D architectures, heterogeneous FPGAs, software for configuring FPGA architectures (i.e. placement, routing, partitioning), reconfigurable RF receivers for cognitive radios.

Team activities


    CIAN is involved in many collaborative projects:  projets locaux, nationaux, européens et internationaux 


    CIAN members teach within the Computer Science of UPMC (SESI). 

    The are alors involved in  licence d'informatique and Polytech'Paris-UPMC.

    Key Words

    AMS Circuits, FPGA, RF Interfaces, reuse, Intellectual Property (AMS IP),  VLSI CAD, Analog to Digital Converters (ADC and DAC), Mixed Signal test.