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After more than ten years, this pages required a serious update but I never had the time; Some things stay, some change (I now have kids, Terry Pratchett is dead, the world is much less peaceful...)

Links to things I like and favourite places

Inline Skating/Ice Skating/Scooter

  • Pari-Roller
  • Rollers&Coquillages

    Slow Food and Asian Cooking

  • One of several Cooking web sites (french)
  • Another cooking site (german)

    Modern Art Museums - here are some I like best

  • Lenbachhaus in Munich
  • Reina Sophia in Madrid
  • Museum Ludwig
  • East Side Gallery (open air, free)

    Science Museums

  • Mineralogy Collection of UPMC
  • Palais de la Decouverte

    Fantasy Literature

  • L-Space Web et Terry Pratchett
  • Pandemonium Fantasy Bookstore

    Jazz and Rock Open Air Concerts

  • Nice Jazz Festival
  • Rock en Seine
  • SWR3

    I dislike Social Networks, but

  • ResearchGate
  • LinkedIn

    these are the only ones friends convinced me to join, strictly for professional use

    ...and classical music, by transitivity - I better had, as my kids total 9 music classes this year. At least one kid shares each other hobby, they better should.

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    this is a political statement...guess ;-)