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Last change on this file since 625 was 625, checked in by alain, 2 years ago

Fix a bug in the vmm_remove_vseg() function: the physical pages
associated to an user DATA vseg were released to the kernel when
the target process descriptor was in the reference cluster.
This physical pages release should be done only when the page
forks counter value is zero.
All other modifications are cosmetic.

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1# Parameters definition for the ALMOS-MKH Makefile
3ARCH      = /users/alain/soc/tsar-trunk-svn-2013/platforms/tsar_generic_iob
4X_SIZE    = 1
5Y_SIZE    = 2
6NB_PROCS  = 1
7NB_TTYS   = 2
11SYS_CLK   = 50000
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