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This version is a major evolution: The physical memory allocators,
defined in the kmem.c, ppm.c, and kcm.c files have been modified
to support remote accesses. The RPCs that were previously user
to allocate physical memory in a remote cluster have been removed.
This has been done to cure a dead-lock in case of concurrent page-faults.

This version 2.2 has been tested on a (4 clusters / 2 cores per cluster)
TSAR architecture, for both the "sort" and the "fft" applications.

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1# Parameters definition for the ALMOS-MKH Makefile
3ARCH      = /Users/alain/soc/tsar-trunk-svn-2013/platforms/tsar_generic_iob
4X_SIZE    = 2
5Y_SIZE    = 2
6NB_PROCS  = 2
7NB_TTYS   = 2
11SYS_CLK   = 50000
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