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(edit) @284   4 years max Need to use gnu89, otherwise the kernel does not compile on GCC5.
(edit) @277   4 years max sync
(edit) @262   4 years max Remove soclib_dma on x86.
(edit) @260   4 years max Remove soclib_nic on x86.
(edit) @258   4 years max Remove soclib_mmc on x86.
(edit) @251   5 years max Don't objdump each component; the kernel is enough.
(edit) @250   5 years max Remove XCU on x86; not sure if it's still useful on TSAR…
(edit) @247   5 years max Rename soclib_tty->txt_rs232.
(edit) @236   5 years max Launch the secondary CPUs. For now, they all say hello and enter an …
(edit) @218   5 years max update
(edit) @197   5 years max rename soclib->apic
(edit) @191   5 years max sync
(edit) @142   5 years max remove hal_trap.c, and put its content in hal_interrupt.c and …
(edit) @82   5 years max Rename a certain number of things, and improve the APIC support.
(edit) @77   5 years max Start hiding the architecture-specific drivers behind the …
(edit) @75   5 years max Create the drivers/ sub-directory in each hal, and move soclib into …
(edit) @58   5 years max reduce the diff between the makefiles
(edit) @57   5 years max move the ldscript into x86_64/
(edit) @56   5 years max sync the makefiles
(edit) @54   5 years max make it compile on x86
(edit) @51   5 years max Create the core/ sub-directory for x86_64.
(edit) @47   5 years max Use mcmodel=large, in order to have a kernel image that is located at …
(edit) @45   5 years max Add some code for LAPIC; far from complete, but a good start.
(edit) @36   5 years max Update Makefile.x86 (ACPI).
(edit) @33   5 years max Mention hal_multiboot.h.
(edit) @30   5 years max Update Makefile.x86.
(edit) @27   5 years max cosmetic
(add) @26   5 years max Add the Makefile and LD script for x86_64.
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