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(edit) @226   5 years max add HAL_32BIT/HAL_64BIT
(edit) @216   5 years max dispatch 'impl' in the hal
(edit) @213   5 years max hide soclib_bdv
(edit) @204   5 years alain Bug fix in kernel_init -This line, and those below, will be ignored-- …
(edit) @198   5 years max mmh, mistakenly removed this
(edit) @196   5 years max sync
(edit) @190   5 years max hide soclib
(edit) @188   5 years alain Redefine the PIC device API.
(edit) @151   5 years alain Move the core specific hal_cpu_context_t & hafpu_context_t structures …
(edit) @136   5 years max Hide a few soclib_xcu_ functions
(edit) @130   5 years max add hal_drivers_xcu_init
(edit) @124   5 years max rename hal_wbflush->hal_fence
(edit) @121   5 years alain Fix bugs in hal_remote, hal uspace, hal_special
(edit) @107   5 years max reorder the code a bit, to reduce the (future) diff with x86
(edit) @106   5 years max style and typos
(edit) @101   5 years alain euh…
(edit) @95   5 years alain hal_special: replace hal_time_stamp() by hal_get_cycles() hal_remote : …
(edit) @92   5 years max fix the definition of hal_remote_spt, and add the *pt ops on x86_64
(edit) @87   5 years alain Remove oldies.
(edit) @77   5 years max Start hiding the architecture-specific drivers behind the …
(edit) @72   5 years max start defining some remote functions, and use uint8_t instead of char
(add) @62   5 years max create the core/ sub-directory for tsar
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