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(edit) @365   4 years max Remove debug function.
(edit) @345   4 years max Initialize rsp0 (in both the TSS and the TLS).
(edit) @339   4 years max Add support for context switch - not tested yet, due to some other …
(edit) @323   4 years max Clean up, and define strstr() in libk.
(edit) @312   4 years max Add a --no-smp option.
(edit) @310   4 years max Use pause().
(edit) @308   4 years max Add a basic syscall entry.
(edit) @298   4 years max Sync with TSAR.
(edit) @293   4 years max Fix previous. Still don't know where the race comes from…
(edit) @292   4 years max Use different stacks for NMIs and Double Faults.
(edit) @283   4 years max horror
(edit) @276   4 years max update
(edit) @274   4 years max Add tls_tf.
(edit) @256   5 years max Remove the IRQ line. It will have to be enabled somewhere in the HAL.
(edit) @255   5 years max Don't route the IRQ for IMPL_TXT_RS2, it is multiplexed in software.
(edit) @254   5 years max Use IMPL_TXT_RS2.
(edit) @252   5 years max Hide IMPL_PIC_.
(edit) @240   5 years max Make the secondary CPUs jump into kernel_init().
(edit) @237   5 years max Attach the secondary CPUs, and for now route the keyboard irq to cpu1 …
(edit) @236   5 years max Launch the secondary CPUs. For now, they all say hello and enter an …
(edit) @235   5 years max Start adding some code for SMP support
(edit) @234   5 years max style
(edit) @224   5 years max Create a (virtual) copy of the local cluster in 0xffffe00000000000, …
(edit) @203   5 years max start moving the APIC code into the PIC driver
(edit) @202   5 years max register the ATA IRQs
(edit) @199   5 years max map the LAPIC and IOAPIC in a separate function
(edit) @195   5 years max add IOC (ATA)
(edit) @192   5 years max initialize pic
(edit) @168   5 years max make the TLS initialization per-cpu
(edit) @166   5 years max identify the cpu features
(edit) @165   5 years max put the per-cpu structures into one structure
(edit) @164   5 years max we're gonna use an array of TSSs
(edit) @162   5 years max start making these variables per-cpu
(edit) @154   5 years max use a demultiplexer to get the channel on the serial port, and make …
(edit) @152   5 years max add a basic RS232 COM1 implementation
(edit) @150   5 years max remove debug and unused code
(edit) @138   5 years max update
(edit) @137   5 years max improve the APIC implementation
(edit) @135   5 years max start moving the APIC into the XCU driver
(edit) @119   5 years max provide pages_nr
(edit) @116   5 years max complete hal_ppm_init, to take into account the reserved areas
(edit) @114   5 years max compute the offset for bootinfo
(edit) @99   5 years max add the irq functions; we will forbid nested critical sections, so the …
(edit) @94   5 years max remove lw_unc, add a few ops, and update a few things
(edit) @86   5 years max enable the timer (not yet calibrated)
(edit) @82   5 years max Rename a certain number of things, and improve the APIC support.
(edit) @81   5 years max silence a few warnings
(edit) @80   5 years max add the timer vector, for now it double-faults
(edit) @74   5 years max (forgot to commit this)
(edit) @72   5 years max start defining some remote functions, and use uint8_t instead of char
(edit) @70   5 years max start constructing the bootinfo structure
(edit) @61   5 years max cosmetic
(copy) @51   5 years max Create the core/ sub-directory for x86_64.
copied from trunk/hal/x86_64/hal_init.c:
(edit) @47   5 years max Use mcmodel=large, in order to have a kernel image that is located at …
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