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(edit) @570   3 years alain Introduction of the soclib_mty driver for the TSAR-LETI architecture.
(edit) @503   3 years viala Add void type on function that takes no parameters, fix invalid call. …
(edit) @492   3 years viala Refactoring assert calling to conform with new assert macro. Made …
(edit) @482   3 years viala [hal/x86_64] Add void type to function prototypes with no parameter
(edit) @457   3 years alain This version modifies the exec syscall and fixes a large number of …
(edit) @444   4 years satin add newlib,libalmos-mkh, restructure shared_syscalls.h and mini-libc
(edit) @439   4 years satin Introduice new distributed Makefile architecture. Remove deprecated …
(edit) @408   4 years alain Fix several bugs in the fork() syscall.
(edit) @407   4 years alain First implementation of fork/exec.
(edit) @406   4 years alain This version executed successfully the user "init" process on a …
(edit) @405   4 years max Remove XXX, it's fine.
(edit) @404   4 years max Explain a bit.
(edit) @403   4 years max Sync with TSAR.
(edit) @397   4 years max Use panic().
(edit) @392   4 years max Start handling page faults. Not tested.
(edit) @387   4 years max Handle the return from exception.
(edit) @386   4 years max Implement several GPT functions.
(edit) @383   4 years max Use constant flags.
(edit) @382   4 years max Sync with TSAR.
(edit) @371   4 years max Treat user/kern exceptions differently.
(edit) @370   4 years max Old can be NULL.
(edit) @368   4 years max Switch the VM space, and explicitly disable the FPU.
(edit) @365   4 years max Remove debug function.
(edit) @361   4 years max Pass the function argument to the new thread.
(edit) @360   4 years max Add a panic, for now we are only switching between kernel threads.
(edit) @359   4 years max Synchronize tls_intr between context switches.
(edit) @349   4 years max Remove unused.
(edit) @348   4 years max We don't support irqbase != 0.
(edit) @347   4 years max Remove soclib_iob on x86.
(edit) @346   4 years max Hide soclib_iob.
(edit) @345   4 years max Initialize rsp0 (in both the TSS and the TLS).
(edit) @344   4 years max Call core_clock - the computation in this function still needs to be fixed.
(edit) @343   4 years max Mmh, skip tf_trapno and tf_err for iretq.
(edit) @342   4 years max Initialize tf_ss, and don't forget to update tls_thr.
(edit) @341   4 years max Set %eoi earlier for rescheduling interrupts, otherwise the timer …
(edit) @340   4 years max Remove debug code - it's useless anyway.
(edit) @339   4 years max Add support for context switch - not tested yet, due to some other …
(edit) @336   4 years max Rename curcpu -> curtls.
(edit) @335   4 years max Separate the CPU context from the trap frame.
(edit) @329   4 years max Initialize %rbp.
(edit) @327   4 years max Clean up, and fix several SMP-related issues. The LAPIC timer is still …
(edit) @323   4 years max Clean up, and define strstr() in libk.
(edit) @322   4 years max Clean up.
(edit) @321   4 years max We don't care about the base.
(edit) @320   4 years max Remove unused.
(edit) @319   4 years max Don't forget to unmap the region below the kernel. Useful to detect …
(edit) @316   4 years max Synchronize with Alain's changes. Still several issues.
(edit) @315   4 years alain Redefine the fuctions ppm_base2page() / ppm_page2base() / …
(edit) @314   4 years max Add hal_remote_memset.
(edit) @312   4 years max Add a --no-smp option.
(edit) @311   4 years max Introduce hal_cpu_context_switch.
(edit) @310   4 years max Use pause().
(edit) @309   4 years max Add clts/stts.
(edit) @308   4 years max Add a basic syscall entry.
(edit) @307   4 years max Forgot to commit this yesterday.
(edit) @299   4 years max The uspace strcpy function is allowed to fail (not implemented yet).
(edit) @298   4 years max Sync with TSAR.
(edit) @293   4 years max Fix previous. Still don't know where the race comes from…
(edit) @292   4 years max Use different stacks for NMIs and Double Faults.
(edit) @290   4 years max Define prototype.
(edit) @285   4 years max Must be reg_t.
(edit) @283   4 years max horror
(edit) @280   4 years max sync
(edit) @276   4 years max update
(edit) @275   4 years max Add a SRAT parser. For some reason, QEMU does not want to enable the …
(edit) @274   5 years max Add tls_tf.
(edit) @272   5 years max Use local_cxy for GET_PTR, instead of the triple map. This fixes a …
(edit) @269   5 years max Mmh, fix previous.
(edit) @268   5 years max Mmh, the wait must be done for each block, not for each operation.
(edit) @264   5 years max empty out
(edit) @263   5 years max Remove soclib_fbf on x86.
(edit) @262   5 years max Remove soclib_dma on x86.
(edit) @261   5 years max Hide soclib_dma.
(edit) @260   5 years max Remove soclib_nic on x86.
(edit) @259   5 years max Hide soclib_nic.
(edit) @258   5 years max Remove soclib_mmc on x86.
(edit) @257   5 years max Hide soclib_mmc.
(edit) @256   5 years max Remove the IRQ line. It will have to be enabled somewhere in the HAL.
(edit) @255   5 years max Don't route the IRQ for IMPL_TXT_RS2, it is multiplexed in software.
(edit) @254   5 years max Use IMPL_TXT_RS2.
(edit) @253   5 years max Remove unused files.
(edit) @252   5 years max Hide IMPL_PIC_.
(edit) @250   5 years max Remove XCU on x86; not sure if it's still useful on TSAR…
(edit) @247   5 years max Rename soclib_tty->txt_rs232.
(edit) @245   5 years max Hide soclib_tty.
(edit) @244   5 years max Hide the fields.
(edit) @243   5 years max Mmh, some CPUs can boot with the cache disabled, so explicitly enable it.
(edit) @242   5 years max add a dumb lock for the console
(edit) @241   5 years max some LAPICs can be disabled
(edit) @240   5 years max Make the secondary CPUs jump into kernel_init().
(edit) @237   5 years max Attach the secondary CPUs, and for now route the keyboard irq to cpu1 …
(edit) @236   5 years max Launch the secondary CPUs. For now, they all say hello and enter an …
(edit) @235   5 years max Start adding some code for SMP support
(edit) @234   5 years max style
(edit) @233   5 years max Push the context entirely for an exception.
(edit) @226   5 years max add HAL_32BIT/HAL_64BIT
(edit) @225   5 years max implement hal_gpt_create
(edit) @224   5 years max Create a (virtual) copy of the local cluster in 0xffffe00000000000, …
(edit) @221   5 years max use panic instead
(edit) @220   5 years max use the asm entry point to save the context
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