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(edit) @408   4 years alain Fix several bugs in the fork() syscall.
(edit) @407   4 years alain First implementation of fork/exec.
(edit) @406   4 years alain This version executed successfully the user "init" process on a …
(edit) @401   4 years alain Few bugs in VMM
(edit) @381   4 years alain Add missing defines in the TSAR exception handler.
(edit) @380   4 years alain Remove the generic kernel/kern/do_exception files to handle exceptions …
(edit) @367   4 years alain Change Time unit from cycle to TICK (in millisecond). Fix several bugs …
(edit) @347   4 years max Remove soclib_iob on x86.
(edit) @346   4 years max Hide soclib_iob.
(edit) @337   4 years alain Introduce the delayed context switch if current thread has a lock.
(edit) @317   4 years alain 1) Introduce the TSAR hal_cpu_context_switch() function. 2) Introduce …
(edit) @315   4 years alain Redefine the fuctions ppm_base2page() / ppm_page2base() / …
(edit) @313   4 years alain RSeveral modifs in the page-fault handling.
(edit) @296   4 years alain Several modifs in the generic scheduler and in the hal_context to fix …
(edit) @279   4 years alain 1) Introduce independant command fields for the various devices in the …
(edit) @267   4 years alain bloup
(edit) @266   4 years alain Implement vfs_lseek() function.
(edit) @265   4 years alain Fix several bugs in VFS.
(edit) @246   4 years alain Fix a major bug in FATFS : miss handling in the FAT mapper.
(edit) @238   4 years alain Fixing bugs in vfs_lookup()
(edit) @205   4 years alain Change dev_pic_enable_irq() and dev_pic_disable_irq() prototypes to …
(edit) @204   4 years alain Bug fix in kernel_init -This line, and those below, will be ignored-- …
(edit) @188   4 years alain Redefine the PIC device API.
(edit) @124   4 years max rename hal_wbflush->hal_fence
(edit) @103   4 years alain Introducing a nolock_printk() function used by kernel_init.
(edit) @101   4 years alain euh…
(edit) @80   4 years max add the timer vector, for now it double-faults
(edit) @77   4 years max Start hiding the architecture-specific drivers behind the …
(edit) @71   4 years max advance a little
(edit) @70   4 years max start constructing the bootinfo structure
(edit) @68   4 years alain Fix bug in kernel_init, and reduce size of remote_fifo.
(edit) @65   4 years max use %p to silence a few warnings
(edit) @63   4 years max move the ldscript into core/ for tsar
(edit) @60   4 years max use reg_t instead of uint32_t
(edit) @57   4 years max move the ldscript into x86_64/
(edit) @54   4 years max make it compile on x86
(edit) @53   4 years alain Compilation OK pout TSAR
(edit) @50   4 years alain bloup
(edit) @25   4 years max First shot of the x86_64 port. It uses Multiboot V1. Most of the HAL …
(edit) @23   4 years alain Introduce syscalls.
(edit) @16   5 years alain mprove the HAL for interrupt, exception, syscall handling.
(edit) @12   5 years alain This version executed sucessfully the kernel_init on a TSAR_2_2_2 (4 …
(add) @1   5 years alain First import
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