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(edit) @666   12 months alain Cosmetic.
(edit) @629   2 years alain Remove the "giant" rwlock protecting the GPT, and use the GPT_LOCKED …
(edit) @627   2 years alain Replace the queuelock protectingthe FAT by a rwlock in the FATFS.
(edit) @626   2 years alain This version has been tested on the sort multithreaded application …
(edit) @625   3 years alain Fix a bug in the vmm_remove_vseg() function: the physical pages …
(edit) @623   3 years alain Introduce three new types of vsegs (KCODE,KDATA,KDEV) to map the …
(edit) @610   3 years alain Fix several bugs in VFS to support the following ksh commandis : cp, …
(edit) @603   3 years alain Improve the FAT32 file system to support cat, rm, cp commands.
(edit) @600   3 years alain Cosmetic: improve debug.
(edit) @563   3 years alain Complete restructuration of kernel spinlocks.
(edit) @457   3 years alain This version modifies the exec syscall and fixes a large number of …
(edit) @438   4 years alain Fix a bug in scheduler related to RPC blocking.
(edit) @436   4 years alain 1) improve the threads and process destruction mechanism. 2) introduce …
(edit) @433   4 years alain blip
(edit) @423   4 years alain cosmetic
(edit) @409   4 years alain Fix bugs in exec
(edit) @337   4 years alain Introduce the delayed context switch if current thread has a lock.
(edit) @318   4 years alain Bug fix : we don't need an atomic access to update the …
(edit) @124   4 years max rename hal_wbflush->hal_fence
(edit) @60   4 years max use reg_t instead of uint32_t
(edit) @50   4 years alain bloup
(edit) @23   4 years alain Introduce syscalls.
(add) @1   5 years alain First import
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