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(edit) @635   16 months alain This version is a major evolution: The physical memory allocators, …
(edit) @634   17 months alain Fix a bug in hal_irqmask.c
(edit) @632   17 months alain This version replace the RPC by direct remote memory access for …
(edit) @625   19 months alain Fix a bug in the vmm_remove_vseg() function: the physical pages …
(edit) @611   22 months alain Introduce sigificant modifs in VFS to support the <ls> command, and …
(edit) @610   22 months alain Fix several bugs in VFS to support the following ksh commandis : cp, …
(edit) @606   23 months alain Improve the FAT32 file system to support cat, rm, cp commands.
(edit) @585   2 years alain Introduce two separate vmm_handle_page_fault() & vmm_handle_cow() …
(edit) @567   2 years alain Complete restructuration of kernel locks.
(edit) @551   2 years nicolas.van.phan Make locks before IDLE Init busy
(edit) @492   2 years viala Refactoring assert calling to conform with new assert macro. Made …
(edit) @486   2 years viala [mm] Add void type to function prototypes with no parameter
(edit) @457   2 years alain This version modifies the exec syscall and fixes a large number of …
(edit) @438   3 years alain Fix a bug in scheduler related to RPC blocking.
(edit) @437   3 years alain Fix various bugs
(edit) @433   3 years alain blip
(edit) @407   3 years alain First implementation of fork/exec.
(edit) @406   3 years alain This version executed successfully the user "init" process on a …
(edit) @315   3 years alain Redefine the fuctions ppm_base2page() / ppm_page2base() / …
(edit) @313   3 years alain RSeveral modifs in the page-fault handling.
(edit) @177   3 years max detect use-after-frees
(edit) @160   3 years max style
(edit) @53   3 years alain Compilation OK pout TSAR
(edit) @50   3 years alain bloup
(edit) @18   3 years max cosmetic, and a few typos
(edit) @14   3 years alain Bugs fix.
(edit) @7   4 years alain Various bugs.
(add) @1   4 years alain First import
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