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(edit) @309   4 years max Add clts/stts.
(edit) @308   4 years max Add a basic syscall entry.
(edit) @307   4 years max Forgot to commit this yesterday.
(edit) @306   4 years max Terrible typo.
(edit) @305   4 years max Style, and use hal_strcpy_from_uspace.
(edit) @304   4 years max Style, and use hal_strcpy_from_uspace.
(edit) @303   4 years max Style, and use hal_strcpy_from_uspace.
(edit) @302   4 years max Style, and use hal_strcpy_from_uspace.
(edit) @301   4 years max Style, and use hal_strcpy_from_uspace.
(edit) @300   4 years max Passably handle everything in the function itself.
(edit) @299   4 years max The uspace strcpy function is allowed to fail (not implemented yet).
(edit) @298   4 years max Sync with TSAR.
(edit) @297   4 years max Remove unused.
(edit) @296   4 years alain Several modifs in the generic scheduler and in the hal_context to fix …
(edit) @295   4 years max Remove vestige.
(edit) @294   4 years max Remove vestige.
(edit) @293   4 years max Fix previous. Still don't know where the race comes from…
(edit) @292   4 years max Use different stacks for NMIs and Double Faults.
(edit) @291   4 years max Remove soclib_xcu.
(edit) @290   4 years max Define prototype.
(edit) @289   4 years max Style, in order to appease GCC5.
(edit) @288   4 years max Re-indent, to appease GCC5 warnings.
(edit) @287   4 years max Increase the number of reserved areas.
(edit) @286   4 years max Fix dangerous typos.
(edit) @285   4 years max Must be reg_t.
(edit) @284   4 years max Need to use gnu89, otherwise the kernel does not compile on GCC5.
(edit) @283   4 years max horror
(edit) @282   4 years max Don't use CURRENT_THREAD->core, since it is not yet initialized.
(edit) @281   4 years max The thread has already been registered in thread_user_create, so don't …
(edit) @280   4 years max sync
(edit) @279   4 years alain 1) Introduce independant command fields for the various devices in the …
(edit) @278   4 years max Should be 'next'.
(edit) @277   4 years max sync
(edit) @276   4 years max update
(edit) @275   4 years max Add a SRAT parser. For some reason, QEMU does not want to enable the …
(edit) @274   4 years max Add tls_tf.
(edit) @273   4 years max Mmh, must be Elf64_Xword.
(edit) @272   4 years max Use local_cxy for GET_PTR, instead of the triple map. This fixes a …
(edit) @271   4 years max new_offset can be NULL
(edit) @270   4 years max Comment out EI_OSABI, and use ELFCLASS.
(edit) @269   4 years max Mmh, fix previous.
(edit) @268   4 years max Mmh, the wait must be done for each block, not for each operation.
(edit) @267   4 years alain bloup
(edit) @266   4 years alain Implement vfs_lseek() function.
(edit) @265   4 years alain Fix several bugs in VFS.
(edit) @264   4 years max empty out
(edit) @263   4 years max Remove soclib_fbf on x86.
(edit) @262   4 years max Remove soclib_dma on x86.
(edit) @261   4 years max Hide soclib_dma.
(edit) @260   4 years max Remove soclib_nic on x86.
(edit) @259   4 years max Hide soclib_nic.
(edit) @258   4 years max Remove soclib_mmc on x86.
(edit) @257   4 years max Hide soclib_mmc.
(edit) @256   4 years max Remove the IRQ line. It will have to be enabled somewhere in the HAL.
(edit) @255   4 years max Don't route the IRQ for IMPL_TXT_RS2, it is multiplexed in software.
(edit) @254   4 years max Use IMPL_TXT_RS2.
(edit) @253   4 years max Remove unused files.
(edit) @252   4 years max Hide IMPL_PIC_.
(edit) @251   4 years max Don't objdump each component; the kernel is enough.
(edit) @250   5 years max Remove XCU on x86; not sure if it's still useful on TSAR…
(edit) @249   5 years max Remove the ICU driver.
(edit) @248   5 years max Don't include dev_icu.h when it's not needed.
(edit) @247   5 years max Rename soclib_tty->txt_rs232.
(edit) @246   5 years alain Fix a major bug in FATFS : miss handling in the FAT mapper.
(edit) @245   5 years max Hide soclib_tty.
(edit) @244   5 years max Hide the fields.
(edit) @243   5 years max Mmh, some CPUs can boot with the cache disabled, so explicitly enable it.
(edit) @242   5 years max add a dumb lock for the console
(edit) @241   5 years max some LAPICs can be disabled
(edit) @240   5 years max Make the secondary CPUs jump into kernel_init().
(edit) @239   5 years alain bloup
(edit) @238   5 years alain Fixing bugs in vfs_lookup()
(edit) @237   5 years max Attach the secondary CPUs, and for now route the keyboard irq to cpu1 …
(edit) @236   5 years max Launch the secondary CPUs. For now, they all say hello and enter an …
(edit) @235   5 years max Start adding some code for SMP support
(edit) @234   5 years max style
(edit) @233   5 years max Push the context entirely for an exception.
(edit) @232   5 years max Remove this shell, several files are missing.
(edit) @231   5 years max Add a serial port multiplexer, usable to communicate with the …
(edit) @230   5 years max Create user/, and a basic shell.
(edit) @229   5 years bouyer Remove bad file
(edit) @228   5 years max remove unused file
(edit) @227   5 years max use Elf64 for 64bit architectures (x86_64)
(edit) @226   5 years max add HAL_32BIT/HAL_64BIT
(edit) @225   5 years max implement hal_gpt_create
(edit) @224   5 years max Create a (virtual) copy of the local cluster in 0xffffe00000000000, …
(edit) @223   5 years max Damn, don't do NULL checks here, otherwise we're hiding NULL derefs …
(edit) @222   5 years max fix inverted arguments
(edit) @221   5 years max use panic instead
(edit) @220   5 years max use the asm entry point to save the context
(edit) @219   5 years max update comment
(edit) @218   5 years max update
(edit) @217   5 years max remove soclib_hba on x86
(edit) @216   5 years max dispatch 'impl' in the hal
(edit) @215   5 years max rename the ATA driver
(edit) @214   5 years max remove unused includes
(edit) @213   5 years max hide soclib_bdv
(edit) @212   5 years max style
(edit) @211   5 years max hide the fields
(edit) @210   5 years max advance a bit, and panic on error
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