Here is a list of major contributors to the project (alphabetical order):

  • Matthieu Bucchianeri: libnetwork, device drivers, initial Doom port
  • Alexandre Becoulet: hexo, mutek, ibmpc/x86 port, soclib/mips port, libc, libpthread, libtermui, fs & device drivers...
  • François Charot: Nios processor port
  • Eric Guthmuller: numerous tests, bug reports and fixes.
  • Sylvain Leroy: devFS, VFS-Interface for NFS (libnetwork)
  • Nicolas Pouillon: libsrl, libmwmr, libfdt, current libvfs, ppc and arm ports, many hexo changes, fs & device drivers...
  • Joel Porquet: libelf, libdsrl, libm, libtinygl, many fixes...
  • Dimitri Refauvelet: virtual memory and memory allocation

Some peoples have contributed to older, no more available, modules:

  • Ghassan Amlaless: the former libvfs and fs drivers, before revision 1254
  • Nicolas Ballabriga: an early minimalist libvfs & libunix, before revision 561

The project has originally been developped by Alexandre Becoulet.

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