Dec 11, 2013, 4:50:35 PM (9 years ago)

Modifications in vci_mem_cache:

  • Bugfix in req_distance function used to compute manhattan distance between requests coordinates and self global coordinates.
  • New constructor parameters for vci_mem_cache:
    1. x_self : X self coordinate
    2. y_self : Y self coordinate

This parameter are used for instrumentation

  • Remove cc_global_id constructor parameter:

This parameter was the mem_cache coherence srcid. This srcid is not
used by the L1 caches because they take the mem cache global id from
the msb of nline to invalidate (CLEANUP) or to update (MULTIACK)

As the constructor parameters has been changed, the platform using the
mem cache must be changed accordingly. Therefore, the tsar_generic_xbar and
the tsar_generic_iob platforms were updated.

1 edited


  • trunk/modules/vci_mem_cache/caba/source/include/vci_mem_cache.h

    r596 r597  
    499499          const soclib::common::IntTab       &srcid_x,        // global index RAM network
    500500          const soclib::common::IntTab       &tgtid_d,        // global index INT network
    501           const size_t                       cc_global_id,    // global index CC network
     501          const size_t                       x_self,          // self X coordinate
     502          const size_t                       y_self,          // self Y coordinate
    502503          const size_t                       x_width,         // X width in platform
    503504          const size_t                       y_width,         // Y width in platform
    542543      const size_t                       m_sets;             // Number of cache sets
    543544      const size_t                       m_words;            // Number of words in a line
    544       const size_t                       m_cc_global_id;     // global_index on cc network
    545       const size_t                       m_xwidth;           // number of x bits in platform
    546       const size_t                       m_ywidth;           // number of y bits in platform
     545      const size_t                       m_x_self;           // X self coordinate
     546      const size_t                       m_y_self;           // Y self coordinate
     547      const size_t                       m_x_width;          // number of x bits in platform
     548      const size_t                       m_y_width;          // number of y bits in platform
    547549      size_t                             m_debug_start_cycle;
    548550      bool                               m_debug_ok;
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