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Welcome to TTool-AMS

What is TTool-AMS?

TTool-AMS is an extension to TTool which allows the edition of SySML-like diagrams representing SystemC-AMS clusters. A schedule is calculated, if possible, for each SystemC-AMS TDF cluster. Clusters can be combined with digital [ SoCLib] based virtual platforms to generate a virtual prototype which runs embedded software.

Who should use TTool-AMS?

Anyone interested by a free and open-source environment for modeling embedded systems - hardware or software elements - including digital and analog/mixed signal components. The particular strength of TTool-AMS is that it allows running embedded software on the digital part. Full-system simulation with an embedded micro-kernel MutekH is supported.

How can I use TTool-AMS?

TTool-AMS is an extension to TTool, an open-source software that can be installed and executed under most Operating Systems. More precisely, it has been tested under Windows, MacOS, Linux.

TTool-AMS is under development, tested features are accessible under the -experimental option, which also activated other recent, bus tested features of TTool.

In TTool's main directory TTool, you should have a script file ttool.exe as follows:


java -version cd bin; java -cp . -Xmx1024m -jar ttool.jar -config config.xml -experimental -debug -avatar -uppaal -launcher -openlast

New features additionally require the -ams option in addition to the experimental option.

You can also check out the latest version on the specific branch on the public git (use option -b new-lip6) - recommended for developers only.

We do encourage you to contact the team at TPT if necessary (see the support section for more information), for problems like installating TTool, using a specific profile, performing formal proofs, and so on. For questions concerning the AMS extension and the SoCLib virtual prototype, please contact daniela.genius@….

Links: installing TTool, downloading TTool


Installation documentation

User documentation

If you wish to use co-simulation in addition to standalone SystemC-AMS prototype generation, yo additionally have to download [ SoCLib].

Virtual Machine

A virtual machine, based on Ubuntu, offers a pre-installed environment containing a regularly updated version of TTool, SoCLib, SystemC, SysteC-AMS (credits go to [ Accellera]) and cross-compilers for MIPS32. It can be extended by other cross-compilers (see documentation). The latest version of the virtual machine is available (Virtual Box/Ubuntu?) from our ftp server.