Lionel Lacassagne
Laboratoire d'Informatique de Paris 6 (LIP6) - Sorbonne University (formely UPMC)
ALSOC team

This site dedicated to high performance computer architecture and embedded systems.
Image processing
  • Connected Component Labeling: the Light Speed Labeling is still the world fastest algorithm
  • Motion Detection algorithms: sigmadelta segmentation
  • Multi-target tracking: agile algorithmes combining mean-shift and covariance matching
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Computer Architecture Benchmarking
Benchmarking COTS components with classical image processing algorithms like: Optimized implementations of image processing and media algorithms:
  • Contours and edge detection algorithms: VLIW, Altivec & SSE2
  • Point of Interest: Harris & Achard algorithm for Altivec & SSE2
  • Optical Flow Algorithm: modified Lucas Kanade algorithm for Onera DTIM
  • Wavelet Transform
  • Scan Transform (based on Alain Merigot's idea)
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F16: 16-bit floating point: agile FPU for vision-SoC softcore
Developped by ILM, used by NVidia and ATI, coming into Image Processing field...
  • Dicrete Cosinuse Transform (JPEG)
  • Wavelet Transform (JPEG200)
  • Contours and edges detection algorithms
  • Point of Interest
  • Optical Flow: Horn-Shunk
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XLR8 Works
  • Code accelerations for COTS: multi-core SIMD processor, Cell, DSP, GPU
  • Tools for automatic code deployment and optimal parallelization of multi-core multi-processeurs architectures, clusters of processors, CELL
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R&D Industrial Projects
  • Teraops: 1 Teraops of power for embedded plateform
  • OCelle: Tools development for Cell processor
  • SafeAround: to detect and protect
  • LoVE: to avoid pedestrian car crash
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PhD position (sujet de th├Ęse), intership (stage), R&D recruitement (CDD), ...
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Teaching / Enseignement (french)
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  • Cours TD et TP
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