Changeset 625 for trunk/kernel/fs/vfs.h

Apr 10, 2019, 10:09:39 AM (2 years ago)

Fix a bug in the vmm_remove_vseg() function: the physical pages
associated to an user DATA vseg were released to the kernel when
the target process descriptor was in the reference cluster.
This physical pages release should be done only when the page
forks counter value is zero.
All other modifications are cosmetic.

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  • trunk/kernel/fs/vfs.h

    r623 r625  
    593593 * This function is called by the vfs_lookup() function when a new dentry/inode must
    594594 * be created from scratch and introduced in both the Inode Tree and the IOC device.
    595  * The dentry and inode descriptors have been created by the caller:
     595 * The dentry and inode descriptors have been created by the caller.
    596596 * - It allocates one cluster from the relevant FS, and updates the File Allocation
    597597 *   Table (both the FAT mapper, and the IOC device).
    966966 * the <inode> argument, to find a directory entry identified by the <dentry> argument,
    967967 * and update the size for this directory entry in mapper, as defined by <size>.
    968  * The searched "name" is defined in the <dentry> argument, that must be in the same
    969  * cluster as the parent inode. It is called by the vfs_close() function.
     968 * The parent directory on device is synchronously updated.
     969 * It is called by the vfs_close() function.
    970970 *
    971971 * Depending on the file system type, it calls the relevant, FS specific function.
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