Installation notes

Step 1

Check-out a copy of the SoCView simulator

svn co

This directory contains 2 folders :

  • simdb-2.1 is the simulator core
  • GUI is the Graphical User Interface

Step 2

Build the simulator core

cd simdb-2.1

In case of problem, you may look inside the script file to see what it does, it is pretty simple!

Known problem : depending on your platform, aclocal and automake may not work properly, you should probably specify which version you use

aclocal-1.6 and automake-1.6 are supposed to work fine with Linux (2.6 kernel)

aclocal-1.10 and automake-1.10 are supposed to work fine with MacOSX (10.5)

Step 3

Build the Graphical User Interface (GUI)

You must have QT-4.3 installed on your systemc

qmake references qmake-4.3 which should be in /usr/bin or /usr/lib/qt4/bin or somewhere else ...

  • Case 1 : on Linux
    cd GUI
    qmake -project -o
  • Case 2 : on MacOSX (with xCode 3.0)
    cd GUI
    qmake -project -o
    then browse with your finder to the folder GUI, double click on socview.xcodeproj to launch Xcode builder and build the

Now you have everything installed, you may begin using SoCView

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